Shit that Pissed me off – 8/21

Josh Duggar Wasn’t Cured by God

As a friend of mine pointed out online, Duggar’s apology about being “addicted” to online porn and looking for adulterous affairs was pretty good.  He took full responsibility and admitted he was a hypocrite.  So good for him.

I mean, he’s still an adulterer and a hypocrite but at least he realizes it.

But we all remember that he had some issues with sexuality in his youth as well, right?  And his ultra-religious parents used some sort of faith-based counseling to “fix” him, right?  It seems like he wasn’t fixed, doesn’t it?

I'm going to pray away your healthy sexual appetite!

I’m going to pray away your healthy sexual appetite!

But what if he was never broken?  I’m not talking about sexually assaulting his little sisters.  That’s fucked up.

But what I’m asking is this: if he didn’t live in a household where sexual repression is the norm, is it possible he wouldn’t be so sexually confused right now?  Is it possible he would have gotten involved with a woman who was interested in an open relationship so he could have had extra-marital sex in a supportive environment?

What will happen in the wake of this scandal?  No doubt Duggar will get more religious counseling aimed at “curing” him of having a sexual appetite that is deemed improper.  And it won’t work.

Because Josh Duggar likes sex.  And he lives in a community where that is not OK.

Girl Was Sent Home From School For Exposing her Collar Bone

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t understand most dress codes are embarrassingly sexist?

Most dress codes for boys have nothing to do with causing sexual arousal in girls and more to do with gang affiliation.  Which means that the dress codes are also racist.

I’m not sure what it is about the collarbone that is so potentially arousing but apparently the school was concerned that every teenaged boy would be walking around with a distracting erection as a result.  Never mind the fact they are teenaged boys and probably have an erection anyway.

This story has a lot in common with the Josh Duggar story because both are about our fear of sexuality.  Our society is built around the idea that sex is dirty and wrong and must be hidden.

And what’s worse is the fact that girls are shamed far more than boys for wearing the clothes they want to wear.

This Video About What the Friend Zone Sounds Like

The friend zone is such a bullshit concept.  I mean, yeah.  Guys sometimes are into a girl and the girl doesn’t want to date them.  Somehow, this is her fault and she is a complete bitch for being unwilling to let him have sex with her.

Yet if the same guy finds a woman unattractive as a mate, that is not as bad.  The producer of this video even comments that women can be put in the friend zone but it is a “much rarer occurrence.”

Really?  Because I’ll bet if I polled every woman I knew, every single one of them would say there was a guy to whom they were attracted who wasn’t interested in them.

The mating rituals in which we engage mean that sometimes we are romantically attached to someone and they don’t feel the same way.

Nicole Kidman doesn't want to date me! I've been friend zoned!

Nicole Kidman doesn’t want to date me! I’ve been friend zoned!

The friend zone suggests this is some sort of sinister conspiracy by women to fuck over all the “nice guys” who can’t get a date.

Listen to me guys – if you literally cannot get a date, stop blaming women for putting you in the friend zone and start trying to figure out how you can be more attractive to women.  Maybe you need to take a shower more than once a week.  Maybe you need to figure out how to care a little more about what they think of Star Wars and a little less about what you think of Star Wars.

And maybe – just maybe – you need to stop thinking they are horrible people when they don’t want to date you.

Guy Tells a Woman He Isn’t Interested in her Because She is Too Fat

Hey – speaking of the friend zone and how it hardly ever happens to women, how about this guy?

Turns out he totally liked this young lady but his man parts just don’t get excited by women who are (based on pictures of her) just a little bit overweight.  So rather than telling her “I like you but not in that way,” he decided it would be a lot more compassionate to send her a lengthy message explaining exactly why he didn’t like her in “that way.”

If you care to go searching further, you can find op-ed’s talking about how women do this sort of thing too so we should all feel sorry for men instead of recognizing that it isn’t just this douchebag sending her a personal text, it is most of our popular media.

Remember the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall?  It showed us that Jason Segal has no trouble getting women who look like Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis to date him.  So the message is you can look like Segal and still date women who are unrealistically attractive.  Conversely, if you are a woman you are being told you need to be unrealistically attractive to get a guy who looks like Jason Segal.

Now look – Jason Segal is not totally ugly.  And he’s really funny.  The issue here is that guys who look like Segal are sent the message that they are attractive and deserve attention from all women and women who look like this girl are sent the message that their love handles cause men to go soft.

Shockingly, it Turns out Female Sports Reporters are Sexually Harassed All the Time

In an article that will probably be ignored by most major sports teams, we learn that most women who report on men’s sports are serially harassed.  The guys expose themselves to them on purpose.  They grab butts and breasts.  They stalk reporters they find attractive.

I know what is going to be said, too.  These women should realize they are in a man’s world and should develop a tougher skin.

So sorry you like sports, lady.  Sorry you like it so much, you want to be a sports reporter.

Because you like sports, you are going to have to look at a bunch of grown men waving their cocks around.  You will have to deal with stalking.  And you can’t complain.

What's their problem? Most women would love to be stalked by a guy who looks like this!

What’s their problem? Most women would love to be stalked by a guy who looks like this!

Because if you complain about treatment by a professional athlete, what will most likely happen is you will be removed from the locker room for your own “protection.”

Which means these women already have a very tough skin.  Tough enough that every team in professional sports should lower the hammer on these guys.

But they won’t.  Because you can be all manner of asshole if you can hit a baseball, rush a passer, or make a lot of free throws.

Two Women are Army Rangers so, Naturally, a Bunch of Men are Assholes About it

I wasn’t trying to have a theme this week.  I really wasn’t.

But here’s another example of how some men treat women and how it needs to fucking stop.

In this case, the US Army stepped in and gallantly showed these trolls what completely fuck sticks they were.  Every bullshit swipe at these “entitled” ladies who were, apparently, only made Army Rangers because of Title IX or some other lame-ass reason, was deftly deflected.

I give full credit to whoever was handling the responses from the Army since I would have probably resorted to saying “you don’t know what you are talking about.  Fuck off, asshole.”

Look, everything I’m writing about this week is an example of a systemic problem in our country.  It isn’t a liberal or conservative issue, either.  We are afraid of sex.  We are afraid of the sexuality of women.  We are afraid of a world where women can do what guys do.

Guys – we can do better.  This isn’t some ultra left-wing feminist agenda.  All I’m saying is a woman should be able to report sports without being harassed.  She should be able to be an Army Ranger without a bunch of people questioning if she got special treatment.  She should be able to tell a guy she isn’t interested in going out with him without being labelled a bitch. She should be able to show her collar bone in high school without being told she is promiscuous.

And she should be able to have sex with Josh Duggar.  Though I can’t for the life of me understand why she’d want to.

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