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Shit that Pissed me off – 7/18

A Lot of People are Freaking out About Immigrant Children

Here’s what I genuinely don’t understand:

The far right is super concerned about the rights of unborn children.

Once the kids are born, though, they don’t really give a fuck.  Especially if those kids weren’t born in America.

In this case, we have a Republican candidate so anxious to show how anti-immigrant he is, he stages a protest with a busload of immigrant kids.  Too bad it turns out the kids were actually from a YMCA camp.  Apparently they use school busses to move all kinds of kids around.  Who knew?

Look!  Its a school bus!  I'll bet there are illegal immigrants in there!

Look! Its a school bus! I’ll bet there are illegal immigrants in there!

Seriously, does anyone do research before setting up a photo-op?

But more seriously, these are children! This immigration “crisis” is bullshit election year stuff.  There are all sorts of people crossing our borders all the time.  Politicians only care every two years.

The rest of the time, they only care if there are enough immigrants around to pick their food, cook their food, and clean their houses.  And they don’t give a shit about how many of them are on school busses.

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Rope a Pope

Looks like the eighth dwarf

Well, it happened.  An event that hasn’t taken place for over five hundred years happened and it has had an immediate impact on millions of people.  Most of them journalists.

Pope Benedict the somethingth (I don’t know – it’s more than ten) has abdicated his position.  He’s stepping down.  For almost every pope that preceded him, the papacy was a death sentence.  They literally worked themselves to death. Not this pope, though.  He’d like some time to enjoy his final years in a way that is just a little less infallible.

Lots of pressure goes with infallibility, I would imagine.  Many popes before Benedict the VIIVXth have felt that pressure and they never had the guts to just give it up.  They were probably too attached to the colorful robes that were definitely NOT GAY and the golden jewelry that was also NOT GAY and living in the one country in the world almost entirely populated by men, who are all NOT GAY.

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