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Shit that Pissed me off this Week – 1/11

 Christian Football Fans Decide a Super Bowl ad Featuring a Gay Actor is Offensive


The ad in question features Neil Patrick Harris, who is openly gay, sporting the date of the Super Bowl in eye black.  Like this:


That’s pretty awful, right?  Christians should be pissed off because….um….Tim Tebow used to have bible verses in his eye black and since Neil Patrick Harris is gay it is the liberal media just waving their anti-Christian bigotry in the faces of every Christian in the nation…?

No.  That’d be stupid, wouldn’t it?

Well yes, it would be stupid.  That’s exactly the problem they have with it, though.  Harris is throwing his gay agenda all over the Super Bowl! In the most Christian of all sports – football!

Never mind that Jesus Christ would go down with multiple broken bones in the first play from scrimmage.  That scrawny little guy wouldn’t last a second.  Besides, if you turn the other cheek, the opposing team is just going to strike that one too.

Hey Christians: I don’t know why I have to keep reminding you of this but you are the majority! By a lot!  Even if this is, somehow, an anti-Christian thing (which it isn’t), you can take it.  There’s still a prayer circle after every football game and every gay football player is still safely in the closet.

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Shit that Pissed me off This Week – 12/14

This week will probably be pretty light as I was out of town for much of it and, as a result, not really following the news.  A few things, as always, did manage to catch my eye.

Texas Man Carves a Pentagram into his 6 Year Old Son Because he’s a Fucking Loon

You just know that a lot of people are freaking about this guy because they think he did this because he’s a satanist or pagan or something.  I’m unfamiliar with the religion that celebrates the holy day of 12-12-12 but I’m pretty sure that no matter what religion the guy follows, cutting up a 6 year old is not in the holy book.

The guy did it because he’s got a screw loose.  Actually, he has a whole erector set full of loose screws. He’s the kind of crazy person who exists so other crazy people can think they are normal.

Is this a pagan symbol or a Japanese throwing star with the safety on?

Normal people don’t carve pentagrams into their children’s backs.  Normal people make their kids dinner and give them a hug and kiss before bed.  I wish this guy had chosen to carve something less iconic (like a zebra) into his kid’s back.  Then the comversation would be on how crazy he is – which is where we should be focused.

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Shit that Pissed me off This Week – 11/9

Pakistani Couple Killed Their Daughter Because She Looked at a Boy

A 15-year-old girl looked at a boy on a motorcycle twice.  Her parents feared she was going to turn out like her older sister who had already “disgraced” the family. She promised she wouldn’t do it again but it was too late because her mother had already thrown acid on her.

The good news is that her parents figure it was her destiny to die like that.  It wasn’t really their fault, you see.  They were just tools of destiny.

It was also apparently her destiny to die because her parents waited almost 12 hours to take her to the hospital after they threw acid on her face.  They would have taken her right away, you see, but it was her destiny to wait.

Let’s be clear: religious fanaticism didn’t kill that girl.

But it sure didn’t help keep her alive, either.

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Check out the swank art for the next Vilification Tennis show

We are still in the midst of the Renaissance Festival but our work on our Bryant Lake Bowl season of shows is already gearing up.

In October, we’ll be presenting two nights of Vilification Tennis LOVES America!  Art for the show and information about our upcoming season below the fold.

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Shit that Pissed Me off This Week 7/20

I note that yes, the shooting in Colorado pissed me off.  But I’m not going to write about it because fuck that guy.  This is all the 1’s and 0’s I’m going to commit to him.

The Mitt Romney Bain Debacle

What pisses me off is that there is no there there.  I’m a liberal.  I don’t like Romney.

Yet if you read the article linked above that quotes both anonymous and public sources who are Democrats that Support Obama, this whole thing appears to be much ado about nothing.

The Bain issue appears to be the Democratic equivalent of a swiftboat campaign.  There are a lot of good reasons why Romney shouldn’t be our next President.  If there is an honest belief he can’t be beaten on those grounds, the problem is with our campaign.

Just look at the guy! I’m telling you, he’s an Auton!

I don’t like it when Republicans lie and obscure facts because I don’t agree with the majority of their agenda and if people really understood it, I don’t think a lot of others would either.

What I really hate, though, is when Democrats do the same thing.  I know – they do it all the time.

But I agree with them most of the time and I wish they would figure out how to get people to understand their point of view without resorting to misdirection.

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