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Shit That Pissed Me Off – 2/14

Disney Star Gets Death Threats Because Her Show Featured Lesbians

The star in question, Mia Talerico, is five years old.

Her show featured a play date in which her friend had two moms.  You know, a healthy happy lesbian couple.  Just the sort of thing that causes the bile to rise in the average Christian Right household.

Yeah. This sort of thing is really threatening.

So what’s the Christian thing to do?

Not being a Christian, I’m a bit uncertain.  Can someone tell me if threatening the life of a five-year old girl is the Christian thing to do?

And can someone tell me how this kind of behavior comes even close to hating the sin and loving the sinner?

Also a memo to “One Million  Moms” – you currently have only 60,000+ “likes” on Facebook.  You could increase that number twice as fast if only you allowed lesbian moms!

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Shit that Pissed me off This Week – 10/18

This Story of how a Small Town Harassed and Drove out a Rape Victim

So a 14-year-old girl was raped by the grandson of a Congressman and her family was driven out-of-town.  And their house was burned down.

They burned down a family’s house because someone raped their daughter.

I don’t care to count the number of times I have personally witnessed women making a claim of having been assaulted and being met with hatred and disbelief.  Beyond the fact that it is clearly human nature to try to blame victims of heinous acts (or we’d all stop doing it), we have the fact there were mountains of proof against the perpetrator of this crime.

Too bad he was a popular football player.  We all know that football is more important than a young girl’s life.

How DARE that young woman allow herself to be raped right before the big game????

I read this story and had but one thought: aside from the victim and her family (who have nothing to be ashamed of) nobody involved in this situation should be proud of themselves.  They have established a pattern that should never be established.

When teenagers do horrible shit like this and get away with it, they have learned a valuable lesson.  They can do it again.

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