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Shit that Pissed me Off – 3/7

What the Fuck is Wrong With You, Arizona?

So in Phoenix they are detaining sex workers, taking them to a church and then coercing them into joining a (religious) recovery program without access to lawyers.  This can be done, I guess, because the workers are technically not under arrest.  They will only be under arrest if they don’t join the program.


It is so much easier to coerce people when you don’t arrest them first!

Sometimes I think you don’t deserve the Grand Canyon. Especially since there was a time when you would have dammed it and turned it into a big fucking lake if you’d had the chance.

A week after Arizona tries (and fails thanks to one person) to make discrimination against gays extra illegal, this story comes out.  It seems that the high heat in the summertime might be adversely affecting some people by making them feel that just because something is legal, it is also moral.

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Oscar Predictions

Today the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will be handing out the Oscars to the actors, directors, producers and technicians who managed to score the most votes in a variety of categories.  At home, non professionals like me will be spending most of the evening trying to figure out the difference between Sound Editing and Sound Mixing and looking up plot synopses for the movies we haven’t heard of (which is pretty much all of them).

Who will win?  I don’t really care and neither do you.  So I’m not going to predict the winners of this year’s ceremony.  Instead, I’m going to make some other, more daring predictions:

At least three jokes will be made about the fact Meryl Streep gets nominated all the time.  At least one of those jokes  will be structured as follows:  “But Hollywood didn’t produce all great films this year.  We all know that (some crappy film) failed to connect with audiences this year.  That didn’t stop Meryl Streep from getting nominated for her performance as a crippled dog trainer with a crack cocaine addiction.”

After these jokes are made, the camera will cut to Streep laughing approvingly and clapping her hands in order to avoid every other actress in the auditorium mouthing the words “I hate her so much.”

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