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Geeks Without God Gets Extra Geeky

Geeks Without GodThe whole concept behind Geeks Without God is that we are geeks who are also atheists and both sides of that equation are important.  This week’s episode is seriously geeky because we talk about the most recent series of “Sherlock.”  In depth.

I’m kind of in love with this new series.  I think all three episodes are great although the second episode may be my favorite episode of the entire run.  Hard to say.  I’ve had to re-watch the first episode of series one a few times in order to make up my mind.

The three of us geek out hard on this episode.  We go very deep into spoiler territory.  Very deep.

But I gotta say that this episode was a lot of fun to record.  Three fans just geeking out about a terrific show.

Shit that Pissed me Off this Week – 8/31

Apologies to those hoping for lots of stuff from the Republican National Convention.  I just can’t get to riled up about a bunch of rah-rah speeches meant to serve as a sort of infomercial for the Republican product.  I get as annoyed by the Republican convention as I get excited by the Democratic convention.

Not much at all.

Boy, that Paul Ryan is a lying douchebag, though.

Mitt Romney Pandered to the Birthers?

I have to hand it to Romney.  Up to this point in the campaign, I haven’t given a shit about what he’s had to say because he’s been so unerringly dull.  He finally said something (sort of) interesting when he pointed out that nobody has asked to see his birth certificate.

You know why that is, right Mitt?  It’s because you are white.

Hey Mitt – if you could only ask to see one of these two guys’ birth certificates, which one would you ask?

I think we should start asking to see Mitt’s birth certificate, don’t you?  Hey Mitt, where the fuck is your long form birth certificate?  How do we know you aren’t Canadian?  Or from some Nordic country?  WE DEMAND TO KNOW!!!!

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