Shit that Pissed me Off This Week – 7/12

Death Valley Officials Have Asked Tourists to Stop Frying Eggs on Rocks and Pavement

OK, those National Park Rangers just don’t want to let tourists have any fun!  I mean, why are we going to Death Valley National Park if not to engage in science experiments that…don’t work?

Turns out that you can’t just fry an egg on the pavement.  It isn’t quite that hot.  You could do it if you have a frying pan and the video that is inspiring all of this failed egg frying even mentions that it doesn’t work without one but facts are unimportant when you are trying to do science!

Check out the SCIENCE!

Cleaning up after yourself is also, apparently, unimportant.  Better to just leave eggshells and unfried eggs all over the place because you were too stupid to follow directions.

The message here is clear: don’t tell people how to do cool science experiments because they will probably just fuck it up.

The Pope Makes it a Crime to Sexually Abuse Children in Vatican City

Here’s my problem: why did this take so long?

I mean, yes, abusing kids is against the doctrine of the church.  But especially given the slew of scandals surrounding abuse, why did it take until now for a Pope to explicitly make this act illegal within his own country?

Francis seems like the first Pope who realized that it might look good if he explicitly made this sort of thing illegal.  Is he the first Pope who noticed that it wasn’t already?

When it comes to creating laws in Vatican City, the process is pretty simple as the Pope just says “this is a law now, y’all.” If other Popes just somehow didn’t have the time to explicitly make sex with children illegal, what were they doing instead?

Orson Scott Card Really Hopes that we’ll all Treat Bigots with the Respect they Deserve

The film version of Card’s “Ender’s Game” is coming out later this year and there have been a lot of folks calling for a boycott because Card is a homophobe who has been actively campaigning against same sex marriage for years.  Card has basically said that those of us who may choose to stay away from the film are intolerant fucks for failing to tolerate intolerant fucks.

Actually, what he said is this:

Now it will be interesting to see whether the victorious proponents of gay marriage will show tolerance toward those who disagreed with them when the issue was still in dispute.

So he’s conceded defeat on the issue (which is good because he lost) but figures the big issue is all of us winners failing to tolerate the poor bastards that just lost.

I know that we shouldn’t gloat but I’m just going to stand over here and gloat.

You know, I’d feel better for Card if he’d been in a room with people who were crying because their state just constitutionalized discrimination.  Last I checked, over 30 states have publicly approved constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage.  Card didn’t seem so tolerant for those folks when he was on the winning side, did he?

This is a free country and he has the right to free speech.  I don’t dispute Card’s right to be an asshole.

What I don’t understand is why he is disputing my right to call him one.

Some Whiner on Facebook thinks that $15 a Day is too much for CONvergence

I’m not going to identify this person.  They know who they are and they aren’t the only ones. They might read this and if they do, I have only one thing to say to them:

If you honestly believe that $15 a day is too expensive for an immersive science fiction convention, don’t go!  It’s really that simple.

I don’t understand the problem, of course, as $15 a day sounds embarrassingly cheap for the experience provided but if you feel like you are being gouged, do the rest of us a favor and go to a con where you will get your money’s worth.  If a whole lot of other people feel like you do, the attendance will drop.  If that happens, the directors of the con will need to evaluate the drop to determine if cost is a factor.

I kind of doubt that will happen, however, as over 1400 people paid $100 at the door this year.

There are all sorts of things the convention could do better.  I spent most of dinner Sunday talking with people about what could be improved.  I’ll probably spend most of the next several months having many more similar conversations.

But the registration rate isn’t out of line.  If you think it is, the really easy solution is to save that money by not spending it.

Eliot Spitzer Might Get Elected to Public Office Again

What is it with former Governors who couldn’t keep their dicks in their pants?  We’re all OK with that now?

After Mark Sanford managed to get elected to the House of Representatives, Spitzer (who got caught hanging out with prostitutes) is running for Comptroller of New York City and polling well.  He must have seen how well Sanford was doing and figured that if Republicans could forgive adultery, Democrats would surely have no problems.

I can cheat on my wife and still get elected? This is the greatest country in the world!!!!

And look, I don’t have a problem with it except that it revealed both of these guys as sleazy liars.  I know we expect that of our politicians but we really shouldn’t.

Since they have proven that they are more untrustworthy than most politicians, why would we want them in public office again?

Ten Commandments Monument Erected Without Permission but it’s OK Because Facebook Supports it

A group of honest churchfolk decided to erect a Ten Commandments monument on public land because the ten commandments are really freaking awesome.  I mean they’d be a great basis for law, don’t you think?  Especially that first one.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just prosecute anyone who doesn’t worship the Christian god?  Throw their atheist (or Hindu or Muslim or Pagan or…) asses in jail, I say.  Serves ’em right for breaking the law!

So anyway, a few godless atheists (and Muslims and Hindus and Pagans and…) are saying that the monument really needs to come down.  That or every other religious denomination out there can erect their own monument.

I’m pulling for the Satanists.

Given the controversy, the county prosecutor decided to really understand the issue. So he asked his Facebook friends what they thought.

He got 280 pro-commandment comments and only 20 against, providing a brilliant example of confirmation bias.

I sure hope he didn’t take the Lord’s name in vain on his Facebook post. ‘Cuz if he did, he’s going to have to prosecute himself.

I haven’t Seen Pacific Rim Yet

No fair!

I want me some giant robot and Kaiju action!  The weekend can’t come fast enough.

With this movie in theatres, there is no way my weekend won’t be awesome!

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