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Shit that Pissed Me Off This Week – 5/10

Chris Kluwe Released by the Vikings

I don’t know for certain why he was let go.  I could speculate and a lot of other people have but the fact is the dude is a great voice for change and now he’s on his way out of town.

He’s bigger than the game he plays.  I know that sounds ridiculous given Football is the most profitable professional sport in the world but it is just a sport.  Kluwe tried to use his celebrity to help achieve a higher goal.

What goal could be higher than balancing a football on your middle finger? Get your priorities straight, Chris! Get it? Straight???? Get it?????????

And I’m pretty sure he got fired for it.  I guess you should have waited to speak your mind until you weren’t a professional football player, Chris.

Not a problem now though! Boo-yah!

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Shit that Pissed me off This Week – 4/5

New York’s Cardinal Dolan wants to Improve the Catholic Church’s Message about Gay Marriage

Oh that’s great Cardinal!  I’m glad to see that a high-ranking member of the Catholic Church finally realizes that the Church has no right to make moral judgements for those individuals who aren’t Catholic and you’d stay out of the political arena and…wait a minute.

No.  That’s not what he thinks at all.  He wants gay people to know that sex is only OK if you are trying to produce offspring so while it is totally OK to be gay, you can’t actually have sex or be married or anything like that.  Gay people are totally entitled to friendship, though.

He also wants gay people to know that the Catholic Church is not anti “anybody.”  They don’t hate gay people.  They just want to make sure that gay people know they aren’t permitted to sexual fulfillment the way straight people are.

I came up with a new message! What do you guys think?

So basically, the difference between gay guys having male friends who are gay and me having male friends who are gay is a lifetime of unresolved sexual tension?  I bring this up an awful lot but you know what?  If that is really what god wants for gay people, god is a dick.

How about you work on improving that message, Cardinal?

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Shit that Pissed me off This Week – 3/22

MegaChurch Pastor Told his Teenaged Girlfriend That Jesus Wanted them to be Together

Jack Schaap has pled guilty to taking a minor across state lines for the purpose of having sex.  He’s not the first middle-aged guy who has shacked up with a teenager who looked up to him.

But I’m sure he’s been preaching about the abomination of homosexuality and possibly fornication and then he seems powerless to control his own lust.  He even went so far as to tell his young lover that Jesus wanted them to be together.

Go ahead and do her, buddy! I’m behind you 100%!  You don’t mind if I watch, do you?

I’m sure he’ll blame his behavior on the devil rather than himself.  What will never occur to him (or his flock) is to question how a man so in tune with God could succumb to the same base lusts he condemns in other people.  I’m sure he prayed to god for the strength to stop cheating on his wife with a child. Why didn’t god stop him?  Why did he instead decide that god wanted him to do it?

It’s like the god he believed in didn’t really exist.

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Shit that Pissed me Off This Week – 2/22

Alaska Republicans respond to a question about Gay Marriage with Laughter

While the Alaskan public is beginning to warm up to the idea of legalizing gay unions (or at least giving homosexuals protection from discrimination in the workplace), the Republican caucus in the state legislature thinks idea is pretty funny.

You know, the Republican party is still full of openly anti-gay members.  However, most of them are smart enough to avoid laughing at the idea of marriage equality on camera.  Not this crew.  They just laughed out loud because, I guess, fuck the gays.

Oh dear! I’ve laughed at the gays so much, I smeared my make-up!

I suppose when you know that you aren’t going to get the gay vote anyway, you have no reason to treat them with respect or compassion.  Better if they all just commit suicide while they are still in high school, right?

You can laugh at gay people if you want, assholes.  They aren’t going to disappear.  You managed to make them hide for a while but most of them have finally realized they are right and you are wrong.  Pretty soon they will be laughing at you.  The difference will be that you deserve it.

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On The differences between Satire and Bigotry

Yesterday, I posted a satirical post about the Pope.  I was happy with it.  I thought it was pretty silly.  I was especially pleased when I called him “Benedict the Cumberbatch.”  Comedy genius, I tell ya!

I knew that it might upset a few Catholics if they read it and that was totally OK.  That’s what happens when you write a blog post that is critical of the Papacy – even if it is primarily written as a joke.  If someone doesn’t like the joke, the intent is not relevant.

Well, a friend of mine shared the post and then a friend of hers got pretty upset about it and we had a conversation.  He kept saying he didn’t want to have a conversation but he actions suggested otherwise.  I guess he was obsessed with someone being wrong on the internet.  I get that.  I’ve been there.

No sarcasm. I’ve been this guy. Thanks, XKCD!

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Shit that Pissed me Off This Week – 2/1


Women are Allowed to Serve in Combat So Some Men Make Douchetastic Comments

I really have to stay away from Man boobz because it just makes me want to apologize to every woman I meet for the fact that some guys are such insufferable pricks.

In the wake of a historic decision to allow women to serve combat duty, the folks over at A Voice For Men (no link provided because Fuck them) figure that it only works if women die as often as men.  It’s only fair, apparently, that we talk about the casualty rate of women and apparently it isn’t “fair” until enough women are killed or wounded in combat.

They also seriously say men will face a higher risk of being killed in combat because they had to fetch a tampon for a female compatriot.

THIS could kill more soldiers than land mines!!!!


Fuck you!  You don’t think women in combat can be responsible for their own bodies?  They have been serving on combat missions for years now and I haven’t heard of any male soldiers who have died in the line of tampon duty.

You know why?  Because women can take care of themselves!

I realize some guys are pissed when they learn the unfortunate truth that women are capable of doing stuff for themselves. The rest of us (the rational people) realize that they have no right to be pissed at women because they are assholes.

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Shit that Pissed me off this Week – 5/4

Football Coach would be “Honored” if he was Fired for Anti-Gay Rhetoric

Never fails.  I post “Shit that Pissed me Off” and I immediately see something else.  This story is a week old but it still pisses me off.

He says that if he is fired for anti gay language, he’d be honored to be “fired for his faith.”  This in spite of the fact that there is very dubious evidence for using the bible as an excuse to hate on gay people.

He’s not going to be fired because of his faith.  He’s going to be fired because he has chosen very specific passages from a badly translated book to support a prejudice he already had.  Then he communicates it to a bunch of kids who look at him as an authority figure.

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