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Shit That Pissed Me Off – 10/31

Rich Woman is Upset that Poor Children Might Be Trick-or-Treating in her Neighborhood

This letter to Dear Prudence has to be a joke, right?  I mean there probably are people who are this awful but most of them wouldn’t say it out loud, right?

Sadly, I expect this lady is real and she resents “poor” people coming to her house for the good candy.  And by “poor,” I expect she means middle class suburban folks and not a bunch of unwashed inner city kids who aren’t worthy to sell her kids a hamburger at McDonald’s.

Her good candy is for the rich little boys and girls!  Why is that so hard for the other 99% to understand?  If they get full-sized Kit-Kat bars on Halloween instead of the fun size that they deserve, they will start expecting rich people to provide them everything!  Isn’t it enough that they are job providers?


Get the fun sized candy bars, Howard! The poor kids are coming!

Holy shit, lady.  If you have to hand out an extra hundred candy bars, are you suddenly going to miss a Porsche payment?  Will your underprivileged children be unable to join you in Rome for Christmas?  If you have such a problem giving to people who make less than you, just turn off your light so the kids from the rich families that aren’t as rich as yours don’t come to your house either.

I wish this lady had included her home address so everyone could go to her house this Halloween.  We should all give her a fucking candy bar.  Only the fun size though.  We can’t afford the good stuff.

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Alphabetical Movie – The Magnificent Seven

Not only did I watch this film for the Alphabetical movie project recently, I watched it again for A Reel Education!

That provides me with a wonderful springboard to talk about A Reel Education, which is by far my favorite podcast to record.

Every couple of weeks I get to sit down with Jena Young and Melissa Kaercher, watch a movie and then talk about it.  How is that not the best idea for a podcast ever?  I’m not saying that it is the best idea from a “everyone wants to listen to this podcast” standpoint.

Rather, it is the best idea from a “boy do I enjoy spending my time this way” standpoint.


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The Wicked Witch of the West – a Tragic Figure??

I took my son to see Oz the Great and Powerful this weekend.  When asked if I liked the movie, I just shrugged.  It was a mediocre effort that was just about what is to be expected from most big budget special effects films.  It felt flat and heartless.  It was sort of like a Transformers film in Oz.

Story continuity is something that seems an afterthought in most movies.  The main plot may be fine but when you start really exploring the ramifications of a particular character’s story arc, often you discover the filmmakers didn’t really think things through.

Such is the case in Oz the Great and Powerful as it takes a character we think we know and it turns her fate into one of the most tragic stories imaginable.  Then they assume we won’t notice.

Since I’m going into spoiler territory, I’m politely providing a cut tag.  Feel free to move along if you don’t want to know what happens in the film.

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New Geeks Without God – now With More Liquor

This weeks Geeks Without God was recorded live at Omegacon and we were pretty drunk.  Actually, Nick and Molly were pretty drunk. So drunk, in fact, that I think it is fair to qualify that we were all drunk even though I technically wasn’t drunk at all.  We recorded in front of a live audience and shared booze with them.  I even tried some.  Boy was that a mistake.

We talk about games and movies and a little bit about the gay marriage amendment.  Also annoying mega churches.  There’s a little bit for everyone!  Please listen!

Geeks Without God is all New!

Another Tuesday morning means another Geeks Without God podcast!  This week we talk about The Contender, a fine political film that happens to feature an atheist protagonist.

The film led us to a conversation about all sorts of topics including, at times, the actual movie.  I really enjoy the in-depth movie episodes because it involves watching good movies and then seeing where the film takes us.

You can listen to it here.

The Dark Knight Rises – Spoileriffic

I wasn’t able to see The Dark Knight Rises until Tuesday.  I’ve managed to stay almost completely free of spoilers for the film, which is rare for me.

If I don’t see a movie early in the run, I don’t care about spoilers.  I’ve enjoyed movies when I’ve known “too much” as much as movies when I’ve gone in with a blank slate.  A good movie is a good movie.

Sure, Cabin in the Woods is a better film if you go in completely blind.  But it’s a good movie anyway.  There’s an additional layer of enjoyment if you don’t know anything going into the film but I still look forward to watching it again.

Let’s face it.  Every viewing after the first is filled with spoilers.

I’m getting seriously off track.

I didn’t need to be spoiler free to see The Dark Knight Rises but I’m glad I was.  If you haven’t seen it yet and would prefer to avoid spoilers, read no further.  Yeah, I just spent all that time warning you to stop reading this post if you haven’t seen the film.

Sorry about that.

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Alphabetical Movie – The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney)

This film is a problem.

I applaud Disney for having made an attempt to grapple with some very adult themes (lust, racism, fanaticism) in a movie for kids.  If they’d actually gone further, I wouldn’t find the film quite so maddening.  The combination of some stunningly brilliant stuff coupled with scenes that are puzzlingly inept is what makes the movie so fascinating to think about.

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Alphabetical Movie – How to Steal a Million

I write these alphabetical movie blogs mostly for myself, I realize that.  What can be fun is to watch the statistics for hits on a particular blog post and note that the traffic has almost nothing to do with the content of the blog and everything to do with the movie I’m writing about.

Take How to Steal a Million.  I’m guessing that most everyone who sees a link to my blog has never heard of the film.  Because of that, they aren’t going to click through because why would they want to read my thoughts about an obscure film they’ll probably never watch?

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“Cabin the Woods” vs. Bad Taste

Really America?

I’ve been waiting for Cabin in the Woods to come out for months just so I could finally talk about the film with people who have seen it.  As much as I enjoyed The Hunger Games, I figured this was the week it fell out of the number one spot, replaced by one terrifically inventive horror film.

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Alphabetical Movie – Hotel Rwanda

Hotel Rwanda is a mercifully sanitized account of the Rwandan Genocide of 1994.  I say mercifully because I can’t imagine anyone wanting to watch as many as a million men, women and children hacked to death with machetes.  After some amount of time, things would start to get a little bleak.

In all the talk about how Mao and Stalin and Pol Pot were atheists, you would think that all of the senseless killing in the 20th century was perpetrated by atheists.  We are the scourge of the planet, mercilessly wiping out those who would oppose us by believing in god.

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