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Shit That Pissed me Off – 10/30

The Internet Rushes to Defend a Cop Who Beat up a Kid

I’m very careful to research the stuff I post for this blog.  I want to make sure I understand the complete story before I rage against something that isn’t nearly as bad as it first appears.  If my information comes from addicting info, I make sure I find another source.

So when a cell phone video of a “school resource officer” throwing a teenager around surfaced, you’d think I would look for the other side of the story.


See it literally doesn’t matter what the student was doing wrong prior to the video.  The extremely violent action was not provoked by a kid sitting at a desk.  Even a kid refusing to leave the classroom.  The officer lost his cool and physically assaulted a child.

To enter a dialogue saying “well she must have done something to deserve that action” ignores the fact that circumstances in which someone deserves to be beaten up are extremely rare.

Did Apollo Creed deserve to be beaten up by Rocky? Or Rocky by Apollo? If only they had just talked it out.

Did Apollo Creed deserve to be beaten up by Rocky? Or Rocky by Apollo? If only they had just talked it out.

If the assault had been committed by a guy who wasn’t in uniform, nobody would be trying to make excuses for his act.  But he’s a cop so he clearly did everything right and his actions shouldn’t be questioned, right?


He’s a cop.  So he should know better.

And the rest of us should stop trying to find an excuse to blame the victim.  When someone starts hitting a person who is not hitting back, the person doing the hitting is to blame.

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Shit that Pissed me Off – 12/12

Thanks to Michelle Duggar, Fayetteville Arkansas is That Much Less Safe for the GLBT Community

Duggar, who thinks her rights to free speech are being infringed every time someone disagrees with her, characterized transgender women as “males with past child predator convictions that claim they are female to have a legal right to enter private areas that are reserved for women and girls.”

Seems like she was speaking freely right there.

And her fear mongering worked as Fayetteville voters overturned an ordinance meant to protect those dudes with past child predator convictions who, in fact, don’t have any convictions for being child predators.

This is Susan Smith.  She murdered her children.  Since she is not a convicted predator, I presume Michelle Duggar would not have an issue if Smith shared a bathroom with her daughters.

This is Susan Smith. She murdered her children. Since she is not a convicted predator, I presume Michelle Duggar would not have an issue if Smith shared a bathroom with her daughters.

Fuck you transgender people!  Michelle Duggar is uncomfortable with the idea that one of you might be peeing in the stall next to her so she made up some shit about you being a pedophile.

And it worked.

Let’s be fair, though.  She didn’t make that shit up. Someone else did.  She just affixed her name to it because, apparently, she agreed.

Man, I hope one of her kids is gay or transgender.  She needs to hate someone close to her so she can truly understand what kind of person she is.

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Shit that Pissed me off – 11/1

Fox News Lies with Statistics

Normally I don’t bother writing about Fox news because they are a biased source and who really cares when they say stupid shit?  The people who watch and believe Fox news will continue to watch and believe Fox news no matter how often the bias is shown.

But bad graphs really annoy me, you know?

Take this one:

HOLY FUCK!  Look how many more people are on Welfare than have full time jobs!  That’s a huge amount of….waitaminnit.

Actually, that’s only about 900,000 people but it looks like a whole lot more than that because of the scale they chose for their Y axis.  When you look more closely, you will see there is actually no scale on their Y Axis. If we assume the bar on the right is equal to 101.7 million, the bar on the left, which is five times as big, ought to be equal to over 500 million.  But it isn’t.

Because the axis doesn’t have a scale.  They just picked a bigger bar and a littler bar and slapped numbers on them.

Their numbers, by the way, are also total bullshit.  Even if they got the numbers right, though, this graph would be a travesty.

Being biased is one thing.  Being biased and stupid is unacceptable.

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Shit that Pissed me off this Week – 10/4

New Ulm Creationists Torpedo a Production of “Inherit the Wind”

New Ulm is home to Martin Luther college, which is run by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  They believe in a literal interpretation of the bible no matter what observable evidence might suggest and “Inherit the Wind” has the nerve to suggest that maybe god whispered to Darwin.

Yeah, that line is in there.  The play doesn’t deny the existence of god.  It only suggests that maybe god works in allegories every now and again.  And why not?  He created them, didn’t he?

The bullying tactics engaged are what really get me riled up.  The play is was being put on by a community theatre off campus.  Unfortunately, the director and some of the actors attended the college.  They, apparently, were placed under considerable pressure by their professors and chose to withdraw from the play.

Look! The play includes a big banner that says “Read your Bible!” How bad can it be?????

Is this play so threatening to their faith that they can’t just leave the kids alone?  Are they afraid that one play will turn these budding conservative Christians into raving liberals who have the audacity to think that god whispers to them?

College should be where kids go to learn how to think.  It would appear that Martin Luther college would like them to do just the opposite.

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Shit that Pissed me off this Week – 10/12

Antonin Scalia is a Dick

I honestly wonder if the dude even reviews law before he makes rulings.  His most recent comments seem to state that since anti-sodomy laws were on the books for 200 years, that makes them constitutional.

I guess we can be pretty certain he’s not going to be terribly supportive of marriage equality, is he?

See, I understand that there are different legal interpretations of a lot of things but what I don’t understand is how one dude who is so clearly an asshole who doesn’t give a shit about anything except making sure corporations can spend money however they please can have so much power over the rest of us.  Yeah, he’s one of nine but he’s one vote you can always count on.

And by that I mean, ask yourself how a jackass would rule on any particular topic and you can bet Scalia will vote that way.

Not that kind of jackass!

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