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Shit that Pissed Me Off – 8/22

Canadian School Board Candidate Wants Creationism Taught in Schools

Her picture looks adorable.  I’m sure she’s twenty.  Maybe.

She is firmly of the opinion that they should teach the controversy (that doesn’t exist).  She also says that schools should focus on the “basics” of education.

Like evolution, right?

No no no no no no no no!

Well, she thinks it should be taught in science classrooms alongside creationism.  She also thinks sex education should be abstinence only because that is also “basic.”

As basic as Abstinence-Bible-Contraceptives are tools of the Devil!

As basic as Abstinence-Bible-Contraceptives are tools of the Devil!

Is this barely not-teenager going to be elected? I doubt it.

And yet I’m tired of living in a world where people continue to believe that creationism should be given the same amount of time in the classroom.  And I’m tired of living in a world where we continue to argue about abstinence-only sex education when the evidence clearly shows it is inadequate.

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What I should have said

You know, Minnesotans for Marriage were out at the State Fair today.  We all know that I don’t have a lot of respect for them and I suppose I should have gone up to them and said something.  They all wore bright green T-shirts and they were very cherrfully chatting up the small contingent of people who came to their booth while dozens of folks with orange “Vote NO” fans streamed past.  I should have gone up and talked to them.  I should have told them that I feel their position is untenable and if they win in November, they have committed what I would consider to be a wholly evil act.

What’s the point, though?  If you are so convinced that marriage equity is a horrible thing, I’m not going to say anything that will change your mind.  If I come up and ask some sort of “gotcha” question, they will just smile and answer me with the same idiotic excuses they have been using to justify their beliefs for the last several months.  The net result will be that I wasted fifteen minutes in which I could have been eating a Pronto Pup.

If I had walked up to them, though, here are some questions I might have asked:

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