Shit that Pissed Me Off – 4/25

Christian Comedian Asks A “Hilarious” Question That “Proves” It Is Crazy To Be An Atheist

This is pretty old and I just happened to click-through because I wanted to know if the question really proved I’m crazy.

Basically, his hilarious question is “why are atheists offended by ‘under god’ in the pledge of allegiance if they don’t believe in god?”

HA!  You got me there, buddy!  Forcing my kids to acknowledge a god they don’t believe in is totally OK.  Having a problem with that is completely insane!!!

If they object to saying “Under God,” they are COMMUNISTS!

Let me ask you, though, how you would feel if we changed the word “God” to “Allah?”  Or Shiva?  Would that be OK with you?  Or would you be upset because you were expected to say that our country was under a god you didn’t believe in?

The issue has nothing to do with the existence of god and everything to do with the idea that nobody’s god should be held higher than any other god in the eyes of the state.

So anyway, I don’t think the question proved I’m crazy.  You can’t prove a negative, however, so it’s impossible to prove that I’m not crazy.

The Majority of Americans Still Don’t Believe Scientists

Looking at the latest depressing poll numbers, Americans are pretty well convinced that smoking causes lung cancer.  When it comes to many other scientific issues, we seem inclined to believe politicians, entertainers, and bloggers who aren’t scientists.

I guess I should be happy that only 15% of the American public believes that vaccines are unsafe.  Especially given that 51% don’t believe in the big bang.

Why is science the only thing that everyone gets to be an expert about?  When a doctor tells us we have cancer, we don’t take a poll to determine if she is right.  We might consult another doctor but that makes a certain amount of sense.  Since they understand medicine.

With science, we will consult anyone and everyone we can until we find someone who agrees with our opinion.  Don’t like the fact that every biologist you talk to says that evolution is real?  Keep asking until you find a biologist who doesn’t agree.  Then ignore all the research that proves that biologist is wrong.

That’s how science is supposed to work, right?

Abortion Opponents Forget That Pro-Choice Means You can Actually Choose to Have a Child

So Chelsea Clinton is pregnant.  Good for her.

As a vocal pro-choice advocate, though, she is getting a lot of flak from Abortion Opponents who can’t figure out why someone who supports abortion rights would want to have a child.

I thought people who were pro-choice were sterile!

It’s right there in the term pro-choice, folks.  My wife and I are pro-choice and we have two kids.  You know why?  Because we wanted to have children.  While there are days we both question the wisdom of that decision, it was our choice.

Get it?

Denver Archbishop Compares Atheists to Nazis

Look buddy, if I just come out and state once and for all that I think Hitler was an awful dude, can you stop saying Hitler was an atheist?

I’m willing to accept that there were some bad dudes who were atheists.  But Hitler wasn’t an atheist.  And even if he was, his (or Stalin’s or Mao’s), his atheism wouldn’t suggest a motive for his completely horrific actions.

All that would be suggested by that fact is the idea that no single ideology can stop a horrible person with power from doing horrible things.  It might change why they did those horrible things but that isn’t really relevant if you are one of their millions of victims.

So I’ll stop blaming the Catholic church for the crusades if you stop blaming me for Nazi Germany, OK?  I’m still going to blame you for covering up pedophile priests because you did that really recently.  It’s going to take a while for me to stop being butthurt about that.

I hope you understand.

Cliven Bundy is a Liar

I’ve been fairly certain I didn’t believe in Bundy’s cause from the get go but this is one of those issues where I didn’t want to say much until I had a better idea what was going on.  I am aware of my bias and I wanted to make sure that I avoided viewing this situation through the lens of that bias as much as possible.

Now that it appears Bundy is basing his failure to pay grazing fees on ancestral rights that don’t fucking exist, I’m prepared to take a side.

Maybe Bundy should brand his cattle with this.

I believe in the use of public land for the public good.  So I feel like my taxes pay for that land and if Bundy grazes his cattle on that land, he’s stealing from me.  That said, if he had some sort of right to the land that pre-dates the BLM, I could understand his problem.  I still wouldn’t agree with him but I’d have an easier time understanding and even sympathizing with him.  A little.

But his claim doesn’t pre-date the BLM.  And his family hasn’t owned that ranch for as long as he claims.

It’s all bullshit because he doesn’t want to pay grazing fees to use someone else’s land.  He is a hero to some because that land happens to belong to the government.  News flash everyone, this asshole would most likely have done the same thing to a fellow rancher.  He’s a thief, a liar, a racist, and has no business being the hero to anyone.

Fuck him.

Maryland Candidate for Governor Says Being in the Military Isn’t a “Real Job”

Dude, really?

I’ve never served in the Military so I don’t speak from personal experience.  However, what kind of moron would suggest that serving in the military isn’t a real job?

First off, you get paid (poorly) when you are in the military.  So if one defines a job as “getting paid to do shit,” it is definitely a job.  Second, suggesting that being in the military doesn’t provide someone with real experience that can be used in another job is really just plain ignorant.

Even if we ignore the obviously bullshit nature of the statement, what person ever thought they would have a better chance of getting elected by disparaging the military service of their opponent?

This guy shouldn’t be elected because he’s too stupid to figure that out.

Alicia Silverstone is Peddling a Mothering Book Full of Crank

So repeat after me: Alicia Silverstone is not a medical expert.

I know this because she’s an actress and not a doctor.  I also know this because she is telling people wearing tampons may make them less fertile (no evidence), that vaccines are dangerous (based on anecdotal evidence of “some of her friends”), and that a vegan diet can protect kids from illness (no evidence).

She got a book deal because she is famous.  She is not a better parent than you.  She’s just as clueless*  about raising a kid as the rest of us.

Oh Paul Rudd! You can do better!

She has one three year old boy and suddenly she’s got the parenting smarts to give advice to everyone else?  Well what the hell, right?  Nobody is buying books written by pediatricians.  Why not buy a book from an actress who has experience with exactly one child?

*Not intended to be a joke about her most famous acting role but it comes off that way anyway.  Sorry.

 Faith Healing Christians Who Let Their Diabetic Daughter Die Don’t Want Their Religious Beliefs to be Used as Evidence in Their Trial

A Christian acquaintance spent a lot of time this week telling me how much I hate Christians but I don’t think he gets it.  I don’t hate Christians.

I hate Christians that let their kids die because they believe god will either heal their child or he wanted that child dead.  They people are the same people who will stand outside an abortion clinic and protest for the rights of an unborn child but refuse to do everything possible to keep a living child from dying by giving them medicine that they know will work.

When you use your religion to let your child die or to force schools to teach kids stuff that is bullshit or force your religion on the rest of us, you bet I have a problem.  I don’t hate you for being a Christian.  I hate that you fail to understand the difference between your religion and everyone else’s.

And fuck anyone who uses their religion as an excuse to let their kid die and then tries to convince the judge that it isn’t relevant.  If you are going to stand idly by while your child suffers and dies, the religion that told you that was OK is completely relevant.

 Girl Who Brought a Pocketknife to School is Expelled

Zero tolerance weapon policies make a certain amount of sense but they lack nuance.  When you find a small pocketknife in the bottom of someone’s purse and they have never had any issues in the past, it seems like you should possibly believe her when she says it was an accident.

Heck, suspend her for a week just to get the message across.

She had a pocket knife! We all know how violent the Swiss are!

I don’t see the benefit to anyone when you kick her out of school.  She’s behind and has a black mark on her record.  The school didn’t make other kids any safer and probably has to spend a lot of money defending their action in court.

It is remarkable how many times we find ourselves in the position to teach something and manage to fuck up the lesson.


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