Shit That Pissed Me Off – 11/14

I Know Who Julian Blanc Is

I didn’t know who this guy was until I clicked the wrong link.  Now I know all about him.

I would hope you don’t need to be a feminist to think he’s a complete sleaze bag who deserves to be maced on a regular basis.  He makes money holding seminars telling guys how to be awful to their partners.  He doesn’t respect women and he also doesn’t respect men because he thinks guys are supposed to treat women like shit because they are women.

Just look at her sitting there being a woman!  How dare she?

Just look at her sitting there being a woman! How dare she?

Thing is, he may not even be the asshole he pretends to be.  He just says this stuff to get lonely suckers to come to his seminars.

Then you have the guys who pay money because they want to be like the person he pretends to be.  You have to be a pretty awful human being for this kind of thing to be worth your time.

Holy shit guys, it isn’t that hard.  You want women to like you?  Be fucking nice to them.  And don’t get angry if they don’t want to have sex with you because that isn’t what they are there for.

Veteran’s Day Memorial is Cancelled Due to Concerns Over Firearms

Right now you are probably thinking “hey Tim, aren’t you fairly anti-gun?”

Sure.  I don’t like guns.  I don’t like how obsessed our culture is with guns.  I don’t like the fact that people who are pro-gun don’t even give a fuck about people who are made uncomfortable by their guns.  I don’t like bullshit arguments like guns and spoons are both just tools because that’s a false equivalence. Spoons are made to help you eat soup and guns are made to kill things.  The purpose of the tool matters and instead of aping idiotic arguments that don’t make any sense, try an original argument.

And yet, I believe people (who are not violent offenders) should have the right to own a firearm if they want one.  I would simply rather people didn’t want them.

So all that said, I have a problem with a school objecting to a 21-gun salute with blanks.  I understand that kids could be scared.  I understand there are a lot of issues surrounding guns and schools.

But it is a ceremony honoring veterans and it has been done many times in many different places.  It is an opportunity for the kids to learn something.  It feels to me like all they learned was that there is something else that could scare them.

Fox is Going to Fuck up the Fantastic Four. Again.

I’m not pretending I ever thought the Fantastic Four movie was going to be good but the latest bit of information about the “reboot” of Dr. Doom just makes everything sound even worse than before.

Comic books are fantasies, folks.  It is completely OK to make a villain the disfigured dictator of a fictional European country because that is no harder to digest than a dude who can set himself on fire.

So audiences can buy this guy but Dr. Doom is just too weird, is that it?

So audiences can buy this guy but Dr. Doom is just too weird, is that it?

If you aren’t going to bother making Doom’s back story even slightly close to the original back story, why the hell are you calling him Dr. Doom?

For the love of decent comic book movies, Marvel, would you just take the profits from the next Avengers movie and buy the Fantastic Four back from Fox?

Kurt Warner Works His Anti-Evolution Beliefs Into a Football Piece

First, let me say I hate the Deadspin article I linked to as it includes a whole lot of people being disrespectful assholes who have no interest in a meaningful debate.  They just want to tell Kurt Warner he is stupid.

As a football fan, I think Kurt Warner has one hell of a personal story.  I have a problem, though, when he uses a human interest piece to push his bullshit ideas about the origins of life on this planet.

He’s not the only retired athlete pushing creationism this week.  Curt Schilling also decided to weigh in on something about which he knows nothing.

And that’s the thing about all of these vocal creationists.  They are willfully ignorant when it comes to the facts.  It isn’t just that they are wrong.  They are failing to understand evolution on purpose.  Every time their talking points are debunked, they just repeat the same talking points, as if the other side wasn’t even there.

The KKK is Now Open to Blacks, Jews and Homosexuals!

These folks are labeling themselves the new Klan! They are so tolerant of black people, they want black people to join them in hatred of….something.  Not black people, though!  They had that whole hating black people wrong and they are really sorry!

I’m not sure who this group hates.  Probably Obama.  But not because he’s black.

It's because he's Hawaiian

It’s because he’s Hawaiian

Here’s a thought, though.  If you are so concerned with the morals of the Klan, you could form a different group that isn’t the KKK!

Gay Soccer Fans May Want to Skip The Next Two World Cups

So Qatar is hosting the world cup in 2022 and they have strong anti-gay laws.  When asked how homosexual soccer fans would be treated should they decide to watch a game live, the Qatar foreign minister was careful to avoid saying anything like “we would not throw them in jail for being homosexuals.”

Russia is hosting the 2018 world cup and, of course, they also have super draconian anti-gay laws.  Gays seemed to get by just fine at the Olympic games this year but why the hell should homosexual sports fans have to worry about going to jail if they want to see a live sporting event while holding hands with someone they legally married in a country that allows that sort of thing?

Qatar says they want to make sure that they uphold their “values” which implies that they think anyone who thinks differently can go fuck themselves.

Unless masturbation is illegal in Qatar.  Then you’d better not do that either.

We Land a Spacecraft on a Comet And We are Talking About a Shirt

This bugs me because the T-shirt is really very sexist and what the hell was the dude thinking to wear it during the landing?

I mean, the guy can wear whatever shirt he wants.  That’s not the real issue.  However, in a field that is trying to increase participation from women, he might have opted for a shirt that was…less covered in scantily clad women for his moment in the spotlight.

Of course if a woman points this sort of thing out on the internet, what do you think will happen?  Will people accept her point of view and, if they disagree, simply move on because it isn’t that important?

Move along!  Nothing to see here!  Oh, never mind! A girl is saying something on the internet!

Move along! Nothing to see here! Oh, never mind! A girl is saying something on the internet!


They’ll tell her she should kill herself.  Because anyone who has an opinion that differs from yours can go to hell, right?

Matt Taylor – the guy who wore the shirt – has apologized and that’s great.  It was a mistake and he accepted that he offended people.  Done.

No doubt the people telling someone to go kill herself will be angry at him because he has empathy for other human beings and they don’t like that sort of thing.

And all of this means we aren’t really paying attention to the fact that we landed a fucking spacecraft on a fucking comet.

And that is fucking cool.

Time Magazine Has a List of Words They Want to “Ban” and “Feminist” is One of Them

Here you have a list of buzz words and phrases that are getting a bit annoying and a word that has been around for a long time and stands for something.

So what if a bunch of people are choosing to identify (or not identify) as feminists?  Is it so bad that we have to declare the word as annoying as “influencer?”

Because what the fuck is with the word “influencer?”  It’s almost as bad as “job creator.”

The word “feminist” is winning because when you put a word like that in an internet poll, there are a whole lot of people who will vote for just to stick it to feminists.  It’s a hell of a lot easier than talking to feminists in a calm rational tone and giving a fuck what they have to say.

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