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Geeks Without God Talks Politics

Geeks Without GodWhat a week it has been.  When we sat down to record our podcast last week, same-sex marriage was not legal in Minnesota.  Today, Governor Dayton signs that bill into law.

Eric Jacobson bid a tidy sum of money at the Fearless launch party for the right to join us this week.  He wanted to talk about atheists in politics so that’s exactly what we discussed.  Of course we talked about the upcoming votes in the Minnesota House and Senate and perhaps you will enjoy reaching back into history to hear our thoughts about the legislation and the chances for success.

The central question for anyone who is living a godless life is how do we have more impact on the political process as atheists?  We didn’t answer that question in the podcast but we hope that by talking about politics, we can convince other godless folk to get involved in politics.

Eric also provides a stunning level of detail about his sandwich.  Click here and enjoy!!

Geeks Without God Plays a Lame-ass Game!

Geeks Without GodSo we had this great idea for a podcast.  We figured we’d get Brianne Bilyeu, Stephanie Zvan and Jason Thiebault, all former guests of our show (and bloggers on FreeThought Blogs), on the podcast again.  We’d have all of them play “Left Behind: The Board Game” with us while consuming Moonshine soaked cherries and it would be a hoot!

We didn’t count on one of the worst designed games ever devised. The board game is not merely a horrible fundamentalist screed.  It is a horrible board game. We tried mightily to make the podcast interesting and I don’t know if we succeeded or not.

Just in case we didn’t, though, we came up with a solution.  A drinking game!

So go to the website, play the podcast and follow the rules written there.  It won’t make the game any better but it will probably seem a lot better.

Geeks Without God gets Super Geeky this Week

Geeks Without GodWe’ve had so much other great stuff going on at Geeks Without God that we haven’t talked geeky boners in almost two months.  This week we make up for that shortcoming by spending lots of time discussing our latest geeky obsessions.  We talk about movies and for once, I didn’t even bring them up.  Instead, I spent a ton of time talking about tabletop games.  And I mean a ton of time talking about tabletop gaming.

After serious talks about alcoholism, it was nice to kick back and just geek out for a while.  Listen to our geekiness here.

Geeks Without God Chat it up at a Convention

Geeks Without GodThis past weekend, my Geeks Without God compatriots and I were asked to host a panel at the Skep-Tech convention this weekend.  Thinking it was cool to be invited as guests to a convention, we happily accepted.  We were given an all-star lineup that included Chelsea du Fresne, an evolutionary biologist and one of the convention organizers, Greta Christina, author of “Why are you Atheists so Angry: 99 Things that Piss off the Godless,” Tim Farley, creator of What’s the Harm and Zach Weinersmith, writer and illustrator of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

We were a little unsure of what to do for a panel so we decided to just do a talk about skepticism and technology.  It was interesting but of course immediately after the panel, I came up with a much better topic!  We should have talked about skepticism and entertainment!

Damn it!

I hope they ask us back next year (if there is a next year) so we can do that.

So there were some technical challenges recording on this one.  I had to record from a table mic in a gigantic room where the panelists were using microphones.  For all the challenges, the sound turned out far better than I feared.

There are a few edits on this one because a few audience members asked fairly long questions and they were too far away from the mic to be understood.  I cut a few of those out just to get rid of what was effectively dead air.

So listen if you like!  Our panelists were super interesting!

Geeks Without God Talks About Conventions!

Geeks Without GodThis week, we brought our friend Matt Savelkoul back to the podcast so we could talk about conventions and atheism.  We are appearing at the Skep-Tech conference this weekend so the episode works as sort of a set-up for that appearance.  Actually, we spend most of the podcast talking about CONvergence because that is the convention all of us know the best.  Given the breadth of the topic, it’s pretty amazing that we managed to keep the podcast under one hour.

Matt also gets to ask us five questions because he’s been on the podcast before.  I gotta say that I love having return guests because as much as I enjoy our five questions, I enjoy the change up when someone gets to ask their own questions because it’s different every time.  I also like spending time talking about what I like. That’s why I’m co-hosting a podcast, I expect.

One final bonus, if you listen to the podcast, you can find out how to win a free copy of Atheist Voices of Minnesota!  That’s cool, right?

Geeks Without God talks about AA Again

Geeks Without GodAfter we talked to Marc Baker for last week’s episode, we sat down and recorded an episode with our friend Zach Nyhus.  Like Marc, Zach is a recovering alcoholic who has found a road to recovery in AA.  He’s also an atheist who was put off by how much god there was in the 12 steps.  However, he found a solution in a secular AA group.

It makes a great companion piece to last week’s episode but it also stands on its own quite well.  For someone who is struggling with addiction but put off by the religious nature of AA, this is a really terrific way to discover what options might be available to you.

Geeks Without God tackles Alcoholism, part 1

Geeks Without GodWe took a different approach to the next couple of episodes of Geeks Without God.  We have two friends who are both recovering alcoholics and we wanted to talk to them about their experience.  See, AA includes a lot of talk about giving yourself over to god to fight your addiction and how do you deal with that if you are an atheist/agnostic?  Rather that the two of them separately, we recorded each podcast with one of them as the “primary” guest and the other one listening in.  That allowed for both of them to contribute to a particular conversation.

It was a really good way to approach the topic, I think.  Listen to this week’s episode and decide for yourself!

Geeks Without God Explore a Creationist Science Fair

Geeks Without GodThis week’s episode features newly “out” atheist Rob Callhan, who recently visited a creationist science fair.  While we’d hoped for stories of truly horrifying science, there was unfortunately very little to be discovered.  Instead, Rob told us about the organization that organizes the fair and their scary rules for the kids to follow.  Rob also shares his experience when he came out as an atheist to write this article.  It is rather elightening to listen to him talk about his experience because while it is typical, it is not what most might expect.

Rob is another great guest and we were very pleased to have him.  Thanks, Rob!

Geeks Without God Explores Another Movie

Geeks Without GodSo this week, we decided to watch “Religulous;” Bill Maher’s film about religion, and record a podcast about it.  Molly took copious notes on the movie and, I have to say, made me look like a complete douche because I didn’t actually take any notes at all.  I just watched the movie like a freaking amateur.  I think that for all of us, the movie represented something of a turning point in our rejection of the god hypothesis.

For me, the movie represented the first time I really understood the stakes of failing to say that I was an atheist.  Every time I chose not to simply be up front about who I was and what I believed, I was making it that much harder for the next person who felt the same way.  Maher wasn’t afraid to say that he rejected religion and it made it easier for me to say the same thing.

So this week’s podcast is about our thoughts about the film.  Enjoy!

Geeks Without God is Extra Geeky this Week

Geeks Without GodOur friend Matt Savelkoul joined us for this week’s podcast and after some talk about how he came to atheism, we got down and dirty with Dr. Who.  We talked about all the ways the show is presented as existing in a secular universe.  The whole conversation gets pretty geeky.  That, of course, is the whole concept behind the podcast so I think we were pretty successful.  Even if you aren’t a Who fan, it is a great conversation about secularism in popular media.  And Dr. Who.  We do talk about Dr. Who.  Quite a bit.